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Gavrikov Paul <Paul.Gavrikov@...>

Hi Vinayak,


I’ve uploaded the code snippet for your convenience:

Please note I am NOT start / stopping advertising. Just starting it and doing nothing else.


I’ve also uploaded a larger trace:

Note the “tight” intervals almost  every other advertisement. Those are all out of spec – the highlighted is around 10ms. Again this was only tested with the nRF52-Dk but with Zephyr and SoftDevice 132 (same behavior). Also I understand that advDelay is pseudorandom – but this behavior doesn’t look too random.




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Hi Paul,


I do not have visibility to your code, in terms of how you are starting the advertisements, if you stop and start them too close you will see the behaviour as you observed. 

As I cannot infer from your image that the interval being 7-8ms with just 2 event, please send me a longer capture.




On 9 Feb 2018, at 15:48, Gavrikov Paul <Paul.Gavrikov@...> wrote:


Also I just checked and the same happens with SoftDevice 132 – am I measuring something wrong?


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I measured the time between two starting points like here:



               struct bt_le_adv_param param;

               param.options = 0;

               param.interval_min = ADV_INT(K_MSEC(20));

               param.interval_max = param.interval_min;

               param.own_addr = NULL;

               int err = bt_le_adv_start(&param, ad, ARRAY_SIZE(ad), NULL, 0);


Von: Chettimada, Vinayak Kariappa [mailto:vinayak.kariappa.chettimada@...] 
Gesendet: Freitag, 9. Februar 2018 15:32
An: Gavrikov Paul <Paul.Gavrikov@...>; zephyr-devel@...
Betreff: RE: Bluetooth Mesh Advertisement issues


1.      Advertising Interval too short and out of spec: Sometimes the interval between 2 transmits of the Friend Poll is under 20ms (even tho it is set to 20ms). I measured intervals of just 7ms.

[vich]  Are you sure this not due to a close stop to start sequence? Do you see 7 ms intervals or one-off 7 ms spacing?


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