Re: Which cloud service zephyr already supported?

Marti Bolivar

Hi Aaron,

Sorry for the delay in responding.

They're not upstream, but we (Open Source Foundries) have two reference systems, which support end to end sensor data upstreaming to the cloud, via LWM2M and also MQTT. There is complete documentation, including setup instructions for a Linux gateway to get the data off of a Zephyr device via BT and into the network.

To get started (we have a public release with code on Github, but you will need to register for documentation for now -- we were hoping to get public docs working before responding, but those are not 100% ready yet):


(This is a subscription product, but we do periodic public open source releases. Hope that's OK for zephyr-devel.)

Please let us know via our support mechanisms (in our docs) if you try it out and have any issues!


On Tue, Feb 13, 2018 at 6:07 AM, Cufi, Carles <Carles.Cufi@...> wrote:

Hi Aaron,


I recommend talking to Open Source Foundries, who have integrated cloud services with Zephyr.


I have copied Martí from OSF.






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I want to upload some sensors data, like temperature/humidity/pressure and so on, upstream to cloud.

I am wonder that is there any example to show how to do it?





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