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Tomasz Bursztyka

Hi guys,

About LoRa, there is already a PR for the LoRaMAC port here:

Get in touch with Ding Tao about it, there a tiny changes required but
that would bring the LoRaMAC code into ext/

Aren't LoRa node not being ran on IP?
I guess that would "only" require a dedicated subsystem in subsys/
(which is what Ding did afaik) to hook up the LoRaMAC and the device
drivers (and exposing a relevant API for controlling it probably?).

The gateway role only would then have an L2 driver in net side (a bit
like bluetooth for IPSP). I guess that would come later on.



Hi Ismael,

we have abstracted L2 layer functionality that you could hook into.
API is specified in include/net/net_l2.h and various implementations
subsys/net/ip/l2 directory.

There is also network interface abstraction, see include/net/net_if.h
for more details.

For IPv4/IPv6 offloding to comms chip, there is also
include/net/net_offload.h API.

Is Lora using IP protocols?


On Mon, 2018-02-19 at 16:42 +0000, Ismael Fillonneau wrote:
Dear all,
I am currently trying to find the better way to implement a lora
communication module but it seems that no api has been defined yet
for this kind of object.
Instead of Lora protocol, we could also consider a GSM module, or
Those communication modules are usually controlled by AT commands
(using uart) with basic functions like "AT+send_binary".....

On my side, I am currently creating a new object in the kernel, and
defining a specific api for this new object (with functions like
'send_binary'....) but I am not sure to be on the right path....

Any idea if someone already worked on that item?, or already


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