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Tomasz Bursztyka

Hi Ismael,

Ah, then you are a bit more in trouble, design wise.
I.e., the current LoRaMAC port would need to be finished, and exposing
an API which - in turn - your offload device could support as well.
This would be the "standard" API on zephyr side. Up to every device
drivers, as yours, to match it.

It would be then transparent for the end application: using either
native LoRaMAC or your offloaded device would just be exactly the same.

About your device, does it comes already with some portable library
that would help accessing it? Or do you need to implement an AT command
system first? (in that case, that could interest some other parts as


Hi Tomasz,Jukka,
LoraMac is concerning the whole lora stack, when the host is directly
connected to a radio chip (ex semtech).
Block diagram:
+-----------------------+ +-------------------
| | spi |
| host |<----------------->| semtech(sx12..)
| with LoraMac | |
+-----------------------+ +-------------------

In my case, my host is connect to a module , in which the loraMac is
embedded. The communication to this module is then done in uart using
AT commands. There is no standard API defined in this case. Each
module maker(ex Nemeus, Murata) has implemented his own AT commands
Block diagram:

Nemeus MM02 Module

or Murata B-L072Z Module
+-----------------------+ +---
| | uart(AT command) | +--
-----------------------------+ spi +-------------------------+
| host |<------------------------------- |--->|
stm32 with LoraMac | <------> | semtech(sx12..) | |
| |
| +-------------------------------+ +---------
-----------------+ |
+-----------------------+ +

FYI, Lora is not running over ethernet.


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Hi guys,

About LoRa, there is already a PR for the LoRaMAC port here:

Get in touch with Ding Tao about it, there a tiny changes required
that would bring the LoRaMAC code into ext/

Aren't LoRa node not being ran on IP?
I guess that would "only" require a dedicated subsystem in subsys/
(which is what Ding did afaik) to hook up the LoRaMAC and the device
drivers (and exposing a relevant API for controlling it probably?).

The gateway role only would then have an L2 driver in net side (a bit
like bluetooth for IPSP). I guess that would come later on.



Hi Ismael,

we have abstracted L2 layer functionality that you could hook into.
API is specified in include/net/net_l2.h and various
subsys/net/ip/l2 directory.

There is also network interface abstraction, see
for more details.

For IPv4/IPv6 offloding to comms chip, there is also
include/net/net_offload.h API.

Is Lora using IP protocols?


On Mon, 2018-02-19 at 16:42 +0000, Ismael Fillonneau wrote:
Dear all,
I am currently trying to find the better way to implement a lora
communication module but it seems that no api has been defined
for this kind of object.
Instead of Lora protocol, we could also consider a GSM module, or
Those communication modules are usually controlled by AT commands
(using uart) with basic functions like "AT+send_binary".....

On my side, I am currently creating a new object in the kernel,
defining a specific api for this new object (with functions like
'send_binary'....) but I am not sure to be on the right path....

Any idea if someone already worked on that item?, or already


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