porting zephyr to Silabs EFM32 happy gecko

Marcio Montenegro

Hi all,

I am trying to port  Silabs EFM32 happy gecko to Zephyr project
There is a similar port:

My zephyr linux environment  is ok I can build wonder gecko project.
I can also run ninja menuconfig for new board without errors.

$ cd zephyr/samples/hello_world
$mkdir -p build/efm32hg_slstk3400a && cd build/efm32hg_slstk3400a
$cmake -GNinja -DBOARD=efm32hg_slstk3400a ../..

( No errors after cmake)


../../../../ext/hal/cmsis/Include/arm_math.h:319:18: fatal error: math.h: No such file or directory
 #include "math.h"

The "math.h file"  is  on the sdk:

Apparently the folder is not included in build

The complete log of my build on pastebin:

Is there anything that I am missing ?

Best regards,

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