Daily Gerrit Digest


NEW within last 24 hours:
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/11977 : hci_usb: Add project configuration for tinyTile board.
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/11976 : hci_usb: Fix incorrect length log
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/11972 : Bluetooth: HFP HF: SCO Initiate Audio connection
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/11970 : tests: net: Check allnodes and solicit node addresses.
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/11971 : net: iface: Print error if we cannot join mcast groups
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/11969 : tests: Improve readabilty of ztest output

UPDATED within last 24 hours:
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/11805 : Bluetooth: L2CAP: Add TX queueing for LE CoC
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/10879 : sensor/mag3110: Add mag3110 three axis magnetometer driver.
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/11458 : Bluetooth: AVDTP: Add AVDTP GetCapabilities Function Definition
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/10806 : Bluetooth: AVDTP: Handling Discover response
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/11732 : Bluetooth: SDP: Server: Send service search response
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/11271 : Bluetooth: HFP HF: SCO: Handle synchronous_conn_complete
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/11268 : Bluetooth: HFP HF: SCO: Add esco supported pkt type
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/11395 : Bluetooth: AT: Reset the state during error
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/11272 : Bluetooth: HFP HF: SCO: Handle SCO Disconnect
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/11669 : Bluetooth: HFP HF: Support to send hf AT command
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/11269 : Bluetooth: HFP HF: SCO: Accept eSCO conn request
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/11396 : Bluetooth: HFP HF: Add support for RING indication cb
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/10645 : Bluetooth: HFP HF: Handling AG Network error
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/11223 : net: ipv6: Notify others if we join/leave IPv6 mcast group
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/11228 : tests: net: Add unit tests for mld
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/11229 : net: ipv6: Respond to MLD query
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/11226 : net: if: Create support to flush the TX queue
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/11224 : net: if: Leave all joined IPv6 multicast groups at net_if_down
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/11866 : tests: net: Add MLD query tests
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/11227 : net: ipv6: Add router alert option to MLD msg
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/11222 : net: if: Join/leave pre-defined IPv6 multicast groups
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/11915 : net: icmpv6: Add function to unregister ICMPv6 handler
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/11225 : net: ipv6: Allow joining to existing multicast address
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/11842 : net: ipv6: Collect MLD statistics
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/11843 : net: todo: Mark multicast join/leave support done
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/11221 : net: ipv6: Add support to join/leave multicast group
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/11946 : Bluetooth: Controller: Avoid asserting on advertiser stop
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/11964 : Bluetooth: Controller: Dont assert on stop/abort race condition
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/11944 : Bluetooth: samples: Add device name to scan_adv sample
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/4489 : Bluetooth: SDP: Server: Support ServiceAttributeRequest
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/9447 : Bluetooth: SDP: Server: Support ServiceSearchAttributeRequest
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/11236 : arm: Support for new ARM boards (discovery STM32F4 and STM32F429)
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/11187 : tests: kernel: add test point k_cpu_atomic_idle
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/11029 : watchdog: Add WDT driver for Atmel SAM SoCs
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/11786 : kernel: tickless: Add tickless kernel support
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/11785 : kernel: tickless: Add function to check if list contains multiple nodes
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/11784 : kernel: tickless: Make scheduling time unit ms or us instead of ticks

MERGED within last 24 hours:
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/11978 : eth/mcux: Fix Kconfig help formatting.
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/11979 : eth/mcux: Turn down the PHY debug verbosity.
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/11975 : drivers/ieee802154: Added RAW mode support to nRF5 radio driver
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/11942 : Bluetooth: Controller: Run all enqueued mayfly before disable

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