Re: BLE read RSSI of connected device

Chettimada, Vinayak Kariappa

Hi Deadpool_code ;-)


The following Kconfig options enable the connection RSSI measurement:




But these only will print the RSSI changes when in connection when debug log is enabled or if you are using HCI controller build, then to read the connection RSSI using HCI_Read_RSSI command from host stacks (Bluez?).


There are no Zephyr BLE API, but feel free to contribute as per your product requirements, you can open a Github issue describing it to start with.


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I am using two nrf52840, one as central_hr and the other as peripheral_hr


on sample cental_hr I can get RSSI readings of devices using 




but this only gives RSSI values of devices that are not connected to the central (I need to read the RSSI of the central_hr connected)


please advice how to accomplish that




thank you

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