how to increase RX buffer of characteristic for BLE device

Vikrant More <vikrant8051@...>


static ssize_t ABCD_write(struct bt_conn *conn, const struct bt_gatt_attr *attr, const void *buf, u16_t len, u16_t offset, u8_t flags)
    u8_t *value = attr->user_data;

    if (offset + len > 64)

    memcpy(value + offset, buf, offset + len);

    printk("\n\roffset = %d, len = %d\n\r", offset, len);
    return len;

For testing I'm sending random 64 bytes of data to one characteristic
using #nrfConnect App but on device side it accepting only 20 Bytes.

printk("\n\roffset = %d, len = %d\n\r", offset, len); <--- Here len = 20 even when actual data size is 64.

So how to increase this limit upto 64 bytes ?

Thank You !!

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