Re: License question regarding Silicon Labs EFR32 port

Christian Taedcke

Hello Carles,

Am Mittwoch, den 14.03.2018, 15:43 +0000 schrieb Cufi, Carles:
Hi Christian,

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i would like to port zephyr to Silabs EFR32FG

Silabs provides a static library to provide access to the build-in
hardware. The header files and static libraries are part of the
API. Most of the header files contain something like:

* @file rail_ieee802154.h
* @brief The IEEE 802.15.4 specific header file for the RAIL
* @copyright Copyright 2016 Silicon Laboratories, Inc.

RAIL is shipped with a Silicon Labs EULA, which allows the usage
only on
Silicon Labs hardware.

A port to ARM mbed is in progress:

Would it be possible to contribute such a port to zephyr with this
I have referred this to the TSC mailing list. In the meantime it
would be helpful to have the following:

* A full copy of the EULA text
The attached license has to be accepted when installing the SDK (Flex
SDK 2.2.1 into Simplicity Studio 4). The Flex SDK is not "Micrium
Software". It is delivered in "Object Code" (static library for gcc)
and "Source Code" (header files).

* An idea on how likely is Silicon Labs to relicense the code under
an open source license (Kate from the Linux Foundation will follow-up
on this)
I am not sure about this, since i am only a customer. I think if there
would be specific suggestions (wordings or complete license) for
Silabs, it would be easier to get a definitive response from them.


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