Re: Is someone using Object Tracing?

Nashif, Anas

Yes, it is being used by a few 3rd party tools. Any object bookkeeping need to work regardless of userspace being enabled or not. Not sure about end-user impact and API changes, but that should be minimal AFAIK. You have any details on how the book-keeping is done for userspace and how it is going to be made available for non-userspace kernels?


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Hi --

I've always wondered if object tracing (CONFIG_OBJECT_TRACING) was
actually used and what was the use case. I know it predates Zephyr
being open sourced, but I was unable to find code (on GitHub) referencing it. Is someone here actually using it?

The reason I'm asking this is that the bookkeeping required by the memory protection feature we're implementing over the past few releases overlaps with the one provided by this feature by quite a bit, and things could be cleaned up if it's not being used by anybody.

Granted, the user/supervisor split is not available in all platforms due to hardware requirements. But, then, is there someone that requires a runtime list of all objects of a certain type? If so, why do you need it?

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