Re: Eddystone on nrf51 / nrf52

Johan Hedberg

Hi Marcus,

On Fri, Mar 10, 2017, Marcus Shawcroft wrote:
I've just tried samples/bluetooth/eddystone on nrf51 (bbc_microbit)
and so far as I can tell it doesn't boot as far as main().

Same experiment on nrf52 (pca10040) runs just fine.

Is edddystone expected run on nrf51, has anyone ever tried it?
It is expected to run. I've been mainly using nRF51 USB dongles, but I
just tried the eddystone sample on my micro:bit and it's working fine.
How do you flash yours? I remember I had some strange issues with the
original debug IC firmware, and switching to a JLink one made it better.
You can download a new debug IC firmware here (look for "micro:bit"):

You flash it by plugging in the board while keeping the reset button
pressed. It'll show up as a "MAINTENANCE" drive rather than "MICROBIT".


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