Re: Eddystone on nrf51 / nrf52

Johan Hedberg

Hi Marcus,

On Sat, Mar 11, 2017, Marcus Shawcroft wrote:
It is expected to run. I've been mainly using nRF51 USB dongles, but I
just tried the eddystone sample on my micro:bit and it's working fine.
How do you flash yours? I remember I had some strange issues with the
original debug IC firmware, and switching to a JLink one made it better.
Interesting. I can still build various other samples and flash them to the
microbit and they run just fine. I used a microbit fairly extensively a
while back when putting together drivers for its I2C, magnetometer,
accelerometer, TRNG etc and recall on one or two occasions getting it in a
state where it would not flash using the vanilla daplink firmware. Iirc
that cleared by power cycling both host and microbit. I also recall that
switching to newlib instead of minimal Libc with BT enabled on the microbit
results in a similar failure to reach main().

Johan would you mind sending me your microbit Eddystone configure file and
the git hash of the dev tree that you just tested as working?
I used the latest bluetooth branch which was rebased against master just
a few hours ago. There's only a one commit difference between the two
branches which is not related (it's for an IPSP static analyzer warning)
so master should behave the same. I didn't do any changes to the
eddystone sample but just built it with its default configuration.


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