LittlevGL - Open-source Embedded GUI Library

Jan Van Winkel <jan.van_winkel@...>

Hi All,

A couple of hours ago I issued a pull request [1] introducing a new external library providing a framework to create GUIs.

While doing so I encountered some issues:

1) The library is licensed under a MIT license
     According to the contributing guidelines a README needs to be provided in the PR for review by TSC.
     This readme can be found ext/lib/gui/lvgl/README [2] and this the main reason for isueing the PR

2) The PR contains a lot of dependencies on other PRs and to make sure that the PR is functional I needed to include all of them + some additional fixes.
     What is the normal approach here send the PR with all dependencies included, only the changes of PR or wait until the other PRs make it to master?

3) The real question, should a library as this be included in Zephyr?
     The reason I toke up the work is that it was request in issue #6709 [3] and I could use it my self.
     Now if I look back at it there is no easy way to make a common interface for such a library.
     Any opinions on this?

Best Regards,

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