nrf52840 + enc28j60 setup

Ravi kumar Veeramally


I am experimenting nrf52840 + enc28j60 (ethernet controller). I am trying to
connect to some ports on board to provide spi functionality, need help in
enabling this setup.

Details about ENC28J60 board are here. I need pin numbers on nrf52 board and SPI configuration setup.

=================    ===================================
NRF52840 PCA10056    ENC28J60 (pin numbers on the board)
=================    ===================================
PIN                                     SCK  (1)
PIN                                     SO   (3)
PIN                                     SI   (2)
PIN                                     CS   (7)
PIN                                     INT  (5)
VDD                                   VCC  (10)
GND                                   GND  (9)
=================    ===================================

Which pins to use and how to configure them?

Thanks in advance,


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