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Lasończyk, Karol <Karol.Lasonczyk@...>

Well, You can use for example:
P0.03 - SCK
P0.04 - SO
P0.28 - SI
P0.29 - CS
P0.30 - INT

SPI pins are settable in config menu.
To catch interrupt on P0.30 pin You can use gpio driver. I see that pin can be configured in gpio driver to generate interrupt on particular edge.
There are no dedicated pins for SPI in nRF devices. You can use any of available pins. Of course remember that LED or something else can be connected to the particular pin. Pins suggested by me are safe.
I advise to start with slower clock frequency like 1MHz and increase it when everything will work properly.


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I am experimenting nrf52840 + enc28j60 (ethernet controller). I am trying to
connect to some ports on board to provide spi functionality, need help in
enabling this setup.

Details about ENC28J60 board are here. I need pin numbers on nrf52 board
and SPI configuration setup.

================= ===================================
NRF52840 PCA10056 ENC28J60 (pin numbers on the board)
================= ===================================
PIN SO (3)
PIN SI (2)
PIN CS (7)
VDD VCC (10)
================= ===================================

Which pins to use and how to configure them?

Thanks in advance,


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