#BluetoothMesh URI provisioning #bluetoothmesh

Vikrant More <vikrant8051@...>


Is Zephyr going to introduce feature so that beacon will broadcast URI for unprovisioned #BluetoothMesh DEVICEs ?

Or it is simply replacing DEVICE_NAME (means Zephyr ) to something like mentioned in #BluetoothMesh specification at 8.4.2 ( Beacon : 0070cf7c9732a345b691494810d2e9cbf44020d97478b3 ) ?

As per my understanding,

URI beacon = DEVICE's UUID + some part of Hash which is generated from "URI data" which is stored at URL 

URI data = ECDH public key of DEVICE ( which is common to all DEVICEs under particular category)

Am I right ?


Please throw some light on URI beacon based secure provisioning.

Thank You !!

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