Re: dhcpv4 with the enc28j60 module

Tomasz Bursztyka

Hi Clemence,

Could you try sniffing the ipv4 traffic?

And could you paste your .config somewhere?

Btw, a tiny detail:

[spi_context.h] ctx->config = 0x20000524
[spi_context.h] ctx->config->frequency = 2000000
[spi_context.h] ctx->config->cs = 0x20000518
[spi_context.h] ctx->config->cs->gpio_pin = 4
You don't need CONFIG_ETH_ENC28J60_0_GPIO_SPI_CS on stm32 board, unless
you ant to use another gpio pin to act as the CS line.

CS logic works well on stm32 controllers.



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