Re: fatal error: config-mini-tls1_2.h: No such file or directory

christian tavares

I'm developing an http_client library and put it inside of zephyr / subsys. Out of zephyr I created a simple application that just performs the call of the start function of my library. However, I'd like to support https in my library and I've been guided by zephyr / samples / net / http_client and added the necessary settings. However, it occurred that the zephyr error could not find the file. To compile my application I use MakeFile with the following steps:
sample_app: check
(mkdir -p $ (BUILD_DIR_SAMPLE_APP) && \
cmake sample_app \
-G "Unix Makefiles" \
$ (SOURCE_DIRECTORY) / sample_app && \
make -j $ (nproc))
$ (IMGTOOL) sign \
--key $ (SIGNING_KEY) \
--header-size $ (BOOT_HEADER_LEN) \
--align $ (FLASH_ALIGNMENT) \
--version $ (FIRMWARE_VERSION) \
--included-header \
$ (BUILD_DIR_SAMPLE_APP) /zephyr/zephyr.bin \
The board used is frdm_k64f and I use the image signature because I use mcuboot.
I have already made the changes made in your PR and continue with the same error in my application and I do not know the real reason.
To make it easier to understand what I'm talking about, I'm sending the link from my fork to my application.

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