Re: What will be status of #BluetoothMesh in #LTS release ? #lts #bluetoothmesh

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HI Aaron,

This PDF may help developers who want to go with Zephyr #BluetoothMesh.

But following links are Silent about #BluetoothMesh
As per attached image, #LTS is going to release in June 2018.

So currently, I'm clueless & unfortunately have to go with stack provided by Silicon manufactures
which are Black Box & inherently complicated.  😥


On Fri, May 4, 2018 at 8:27 AM, Aaron Xu <overheat1984@...> wrote:

We all look forward that the zephyr project bluetooth mesh can be used on a real project.
Before that, we want to know those question's answer.


vikrant8051 <vikrant8051@...> 于2018年5月3日周四 下午9:53写道:

What will be status of #BluetoothMesh in #LTS v.1.12.0 release ?

Will it be released as #Qualified stack ?

As of now, we can't save Provisioning, Configuration & other real time data (eg. message sequence Nos, states of Models etc. etc) on SoC flash. Will it be possible in #LTS release ?

( For that we need something like " " to get merge.

I tried to save above mentioned data using NFFS, but it consumes lots of RAM & I don't know exactly what & when to save on SoC flash.

Plus NFFS is not recommended for SoC which has limited write/erase cycles for its flash.)

How many Models (for eg. Generic, Lighting) will show case under #LTS ?

What will be status of Friend & Low Power Nodes implementation ?

When I tried SMP_Server example along with #MCUboot, to do #DFU_OTA, I found that it depends upon NFFS.
Is that means we have to depends upon #NVS (PR6391) & NFFS both?
Please throw some light about overall implementation for developers if he/she want to add #DFU_OTA feature along with #BluetoothMesh.

How to do #DFU_OTA using Android/iOS smartphones App? (as suggestion)

If something has very little chance to get introduced with #LTS release, then till when it get expected to be part of implementation ?

Thank You in advance !!

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