[ #BluetoothMesh ] Can I use bt_mesh_model_publish() in ./samples/bluetooth/mesh_demo? #bluetoothmesh

Kai Ren


I'm trying to know the difference between two APIs, they are:

* int bt_mesh_model_publish(struct bt_mesh_model *model)
* int bt_mesh_model_send(struct bt_mesh_model *model,
struct bt_mesh_msg_ctx *ctx,
struct net_buf_simple *msg,
const struct bt_mesh_send_cb *cb, void *cb_data)

All of them are for access message sending, but I'm curious that is it okay that use bt_mesh_model_publish() function in ./samples/bluetooth/mesh_demo? The reason I asked is that mesh_demo is self-provisioning example, so there is no phase for model configuration.


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