Re: [Zephyr-users] What will be status of #BluetoothMesh in #LTS release ? #bluetoothmesh #lts

Johan Hedberg

Hi Vikrant,

On Thu, May 03, 2018, vikrant8051 wrote:
What will be status of #BluetoothMesh in #LTS v.1.12.0 release?

Will it be released as #Qualified stack?
There has been discussion of doing a qualification listing (perhaps two,
one for the core host stack and another for Mesh) for LTS releases under
the name of the Linux Foundation, but as far as I know there's no firm
committment to this yet (e.g. the funding of it). These would be
subsystem qualification listings, so you could combine them together
into a product listing (e.g. the controller qualification that Nordic
did is also a subsystem listing).

That said, both the core host stack (GAP, GATT, SM, L2CAP, etc) and mesh
are periodically run against the PTS, so there shouldn't be any major
surprises if you were to do the qualification process yourself.

As of now, we can't save Provisioning, Configuration & other real time data
(eg. message sequence Nos, states of Models etc. etc) on SoC flash. Will it
be possible in #LTS release ?
If you follow the master branch, you'll have seen that the Bluetooth
stack has transitioned from the bt_storage API to the newly introduced
settings API (ported from MyNewt, where it's called "conf"). Currently
only pairing credentials (LTK, etc) are covered, but I have some patches
for Mesh that I'm hoping to send next week.

How many Models (for eg. Generic, Lighting) will show case under #LTS ?
There's really not much "secret" stuff when it comes to the release,
i.e. something that would only be "revealed" at the last moment (the way
you make it sound). A lot of what you'll get is what you can see already
now in the master branch.

What will be status of Friend & Low Power Nodes implementation ?
Both of those are complete and passing the PTS tests for them.


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