Re: k_msgq_get_attrs declared 'static' but never defined???

Leandro Pereira

On 05/07/2018 02:29 PM, David Leach wrote:
Yes, that was it. I was being stupid and using ‘rm -rf *.*’ and not checking that the cmake files had been cleaned up… ‘rm -rf *’ does the job as does ‘ninja clean’
(back to my linux vm in my windows 10 machine… 😉 )
Although you can use the "clean" target, try using "git clean -xfd" in the build directory instead of "rm".

It's less prone to errors: it will only remove files not tracked by Git, and will remove everything else. If you run the command outside your build directory, or type it wrongly (I once typed ~ instead of *), the catastrophe will be reduced.

(Important to note as well that "rm -rf *.*" and "rm -rf *" are not equivalent: Unix file systems consider "." as part of file names, and it's perfectly fine for files to not have "." in their names.)


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