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On Tue, Mar 14, 2017 at 09:02:55AM +0000, Mahendravarman Rajarao (RBEI/EAA10) wrote:

Thanks for the reply But as of now with the available zephyr, the USB
can work either as DFU flashing or as UART over USB (CDC) and not both
functionalities together.

We have a requirement at End of Line, we need to pass commands from a
PC to test each interfaces. And finally we need to flash the
functional software to the device via DFU flashing.

So only I have a doubt that can we use USB DFU class and expand the
driver to handle some more custom commands other than DFU commands to
satisfy my requirement.

Please suggest !!
You can combine those descriptors together to have multifunction device.
(I have not tried it myself)

Best regards
Andrei Emeltchenko


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Hi Mahendra,

On Thu, Mar 09, 2017 at 04:54:23AM +0000, Mahendravarman Rajarao (RBEI/EAA10) wrote:

We are using Quark_C1000 controller in our project along with zephyr 1.6.
I could see zephyr 1.6 has support for USB.

I have a query.

We are currently having a requirement of send some commands via USB (from
a PC)  and based on the commands received (in the device ) we will execute
certain applications.

For this requirement I need clarifications regarding the USB driver.

I could see that the USB DFU handles command which is sent from a PC.

Do I need to expand this driver itself for my requirement or Should I use
the USB UART driver for my requirement ?
It is easier to use cdc_acm sample in samples/usb/cdc_acm, then your PC already has the driver for it and it appears on your PC as ttyACM or ttyUSB, then you can communicate over serial.

If you want to implement certain USB class like Bluetooth in hci_usb sample you should look here: samples/bluetooth/hci_usb/

For other samples you need AFAIK to have certain driver, like btusb for hci_usb, etc.

Best regards
Andrei Emeltchenko

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