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I do not think that per-module error codes are good idea.
I agree. I think a single set of generic error codes that are flexible enough to convey the message are a better approach.
That still leaves out how to extend errno.h for both newlib and minimal.

Should we have an extended errno-zephyr.h for Zephyr somewhere in include/?

I have looked into the error list available in ./lib/libc/minimal/include/errno.h and it looks that there are plenty of errors defined, however most of these defines are rather high-level.
If this is not enough, I could recommend following the Linux approach, which in my opinion is pretty simple and gives some flexibility:

We can divide the error lists in 2 parts, listed in 2 different files. The first file, will cover generic, high level errors (and could be provided by libc).
The second file will be zephyr-specific. There should be also single errno.h header, which will include both libc and zephyr headers.

What do you think?

Best Regards,
Piotr Zięcik.

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