Re: #BluetoothMesh persistent storage for provisioning data #bluetoothmesh

Kai Ren

Thanks for the reply!

The problem I suffered is that: when I run mesh_demo on microbit, I can't restore SEQ after a reset, when means that if a GenericOnOff client reset unexpected, I need to make this client catch up the SEQ on GenericOnOff server. 

I saw that there are two functions which seem to be store and restore SEQ,

void board_seq_update(u32_t seq);

static u32_t get_seq(void);

but get_seq() is called in board initial, but I don't find any piece about board_seq_update().

I agree with you, mesh_demo doesn't need persistent storage because its netkey, devkey and appkey are already in flash memory, but one thing need to be solved is SEQ. 
Also, if you run it on the BBC micro:bit be sure to remove
the direct flash access from src/microbit.c.
What does it mean? 


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