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Lubos, Robert

Hi Diana,


Sadly, I’m not able to reproduce issues you describe. I did a smoke test of examples that you mention (current master with nrf52840 pca10056), and shell worked on every single one out-of-the-box, no extra configuration needed. Therefore I’m afraid the problem lies somewhere in your local setup.


From my experience, I can tell  that I have occasional issue when connecting to pca10056 from my virtual machine (VMWare running Arch Linux). The problem I observe is that I can see the output from the board (from the logger), but cannot provide any input. For my case, switching board back to native Windows and power cycle on a board helps (no need to re-flash), so I assume it is a VM/JLink issue. Perhaps you observe something similar (but you mention that you can see local echo?). Maybe it would be a good idea to check examples with different terminal? I use PuTTY (speed 11520).  


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Hi Jukka and Robert,

Thank you to both of you for your help.

Robert, I am currently using the latest Zephyr release, and the nrf52840 pca10056 platform. However, I have troubles using the shells for several subsystems. I have tried using the one for OpenThread, BT Mesh (tests/bluetooth/mesh_shell), and the samples/subsys/shell/shell_module shells, and so far, I haven't been able to make them work. The codes are compiled and are flashed with no problem; however, when it comes to writing to them, I'm able to see what I'm writing (after activating the local echo), but once I hit enter, the commands ('help' for example) have no effect.

Is there a specific way to run the shells? Or what could be the mistake or problem that might be happening?

Once again, Thank you in advance for your help!


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