SODAQ One V3 porting

Léonard Bise <leodido99@...>

Hello guys,

I'm going to work on a project which is going to use the SODAQ One board (

It's a LoRa oriented development board which is designed around a ATSAMD21G18 (ARM Cortex M0+) microcontroller. In addition it has a uBlox EVA 8M GPS Module, LSM303AGR accelerometer and a LoRa + LoRaWAN RN2483A chip from Microchip.

The RN2483A LoRa chip uses a serial line, I won't be using a LoRaWAN stack, which I understand is not yet implemented in Zephyr anyway, so I guess there is no major issues there. The chip is commanded through simple commands.
The uBlox EVA 8M GPS module is connected to the I2C bus.
The LSM303AGR accelerometer is connected to the I2C bus.

In the supported hardware I see that the Adafruit Feather M0 Basic Prot is listed, which has this exact same microcontroller. I also read the Board Porting Guide and as I understand it basically I'd need to take the Adafruit configuration as a base and add these new components to the kconfiguration. All of the aspects related to the microcontroller are already there.

I was wondering how easy it would be to port Zephyr to the SODAQ One and if anyone has comments, advices and maybe point out if I'm missing something. 
In particular I'm also wondering how to handle the LoRa microchip, since Zephyr has no LoRaWAN stack what would be the best way to handle the porting of this part?

I'm really looking forward to work with Zephyr, which I have never used, but I have various experiences with other RTOSes.

Thank you,

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