Re: [RFC] Add DEV_NOT_IMPLEMENTED error code

Andre Guedes <andre.guedes@...>

Hi Dirk,

Quoting Dirk Brandewie (2016-02-12 13:32:31)
In the new model the functions would be required to be implemented, the
RFC included a null implementation for drivers to use if they had no
work to do during suspend/resume. Still a topic for discussion but the
null functions can just return success meaning I have done everything
I need to or can do :-).
Yes, sure. If we can use this 'null' implementation in drivers that don't
properly implement the suspend/resume callbacks (yet), this will fix the
issue I described in the other email.

However, the suspend/resume callbacks were just an example to bring the
discussion about having a "not implemented"-wise error code in device.h.
I didn't review all drivers, but it seems such error code would be suitable
in other situations like the interrupt-related callbacks from the
gpio_pcal9535a.c driver. These callbacks are not implemented yet and we



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