RFC: Use error codes from errno.h

Andre Guedes <andre.guedes@...>

Hi all,

While we were discussing about adding a new error code for device.h (see
"[RFC] Add DEV_NOT_IMPLEMENTED error code" thread), we had an initial
agreement that it does make sense to use error codes from errno.h instead
of the ones from include/device.h. Since this topic deserves its own RFC,
I'm sending this email so we can have a proper discussion.

So the main points in favor of this change are 1) errno.h is a well-known
error convention which pretty much all developer is familiar with, 2)
errno.h codes address what we need, 3) no need to create new codes such
as DEV_NOT_IMPLEMENTED for instance, and 4) changing the current drivers
to use errno.h codes instead of DEV_* is a feasible task.

The initial discussion was about using errno.h codes at the driver's layer
but I think we can expand it to the whole system. Actually, errno.h codes
are already used in net/bluetooth and net/ip.



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