Re: RFC: return type of functions passed to DEVICE_INIT()

Thomas, Ramesh

On Mon, 2016-02-22 at 07:55 -0800, Dirk Brandewie wrote:

On 02/19/2016 05:20 PM, Thomas, Ramesh wrote:
I was considering the possible use case of PM app calling
_sys_device_do_config_level(). In that case a return value of 0 or 1
would help it know some thing went wrong instead of having to query all
devices to find out. But I think this does not impact the main topic of
your RFC and can be addressed separately if necessary.
_sys_device_do_config_level() is *not* a public API and is *not*
guaranteed be stable or even exist from release to release.

AFAIK calling _sys_device_do_config_level() again would not break any of
our current drivers but is the driver is is creating some state in
init() (e.g. security context, network connection) all hell is likely
to break loose. The driver could maintain whether init() has been
called to work around this but at the cost of RAM.

What is the use case? What functionality do you need?
Thanks for pointing out the facts and issues :-) I agree it cannot be
used as a replacement for proper handling of resume() by devices.


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