Re: Pinmux driver model: per board vs. unified

Dmitriy Korovkin

It would be good to have design changes for pinmux outlined in one text. Are we talking about code consolidation for Quark SE/D2000 or the global change for all pinmuxes? Are we touching the part referred as "PINMUX_DEV"?
If we are just changing code for two SoCs, I have no problem with it at all. If we are changing the architecture, we really need the new approach clean, as the following concerns come up:
- pinmuxing may be implemented on a SoC or on a board level (Quark SE vs. Galileo), as well as other architectures may implement it on a different way (FRDM k64F, which is coming).
- reconfiguring pinmux from an application is not usual practice, but quite possible. Cutting this functionality off may make problems in case of "we have this pinmux configuration by default, but for this particular sample project we need to change it".
- pinmux_initialize() may and sometimes should not be implemented by calling set(), get() and other API functions, but implemented individually, just not to slow down the booting process.

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