RFC [3/3] - SoC, CPU LPS, Tickless idle and Device power management

Thomas, Ramesh

Areas to be implemented next:
1. ARC deep sleep support:
- Currently ARC in quark_se would be reset upon deep sleep initiated
from x86 core. It needs something like _sys_soc_resume() called at boot
time so it can restore states and resume at the point it suspended.

Suspend would be invoked from the x86 side so there is no need for a
suspend function.

2. Nanokernel tickless idle PM support:
- Currently tickless idle PM hooks are called only in microkernel idle
task. The same hook functions should also be called from nanokernel
tickless idle. Microkernel and Nanokernel implementations would
be consolidated. This consolidation would also make names of functions

3. The naming of CONFIG flags and functions:
- The CONFIG flag names would be made consistent with the new power
management implementation. Also the dependencies between the flags
would be improved and unnecessary fags removed.

1. Provide arch specific helper functions used in the PM service app to
do state transitions and save/restore CPU thread contexts.
- Zephyr has arch specific code in arch folders. The suggestion is to
add functions in these locations and abstract them to the PM service app.

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