Re: Building project

Nashif, Anas

You have a typo in your makefile? mico instead of micro?


From: Corey Williamson <corey.bailey.williamson(a)<mailto:corey.bailey.williamson(a)>>
Date: To: "devel(a)<mailto:devel(a)>" <devel(a)<mailto:devel(a)>>
Subject: [devel] Building project


I'm currently trying to build the hello world example in a directory outside the zephyr SDK and I keep getting this make error:

corey(a)corey-H97M-D3H:~/ZephyrWorkspace/eclipse_workspace/hello_world$ make
Using /home/corey/ZephyrWorkspace/zephyr-project/boards/frdm_k64f/frdm_k64f_defconfig as base
Merging /home/corey/ZephyrWorkspace/zephyr-project/kernel/configs/mico.config
The merge file '/home/corey/ZephyrWorkspace/zephyr-project/kernel/configs/mico.config' does not exist. Exit.
make: *** [/home/corey/ZephyrWorkspace/eclipse_workspace/hello_world/outdir/.config] Error 1

I thought I might be environment variables but I echoed ZEPHYR_BASE and it was correct.

Any help is much appreciated,



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