Re: RFC[1/2] Common logging infrastructure and API

Tomasz Bursztyka

Hi Fabien,

- Finally, another important feature we implemented is the buffering of incoming logs in a circular buffer in RAM (on both master and slave). This allow very short log time to avoid delaying the caller of the log function. The logs are finally output on the log backend in a low priority task, which reads from the circular buffer. In case there are too many incoming logs, some logs are lost instead of blocking the program execution.
Very good point.
We also experienced it with networking drivers where debugging in the
middle or RX/TX just kills timing.

This would need to be addressed, but besides this log macros API.

Maybe introducing a sys_log() which would be a possible LOG_FN, such
sys_log() would implement
the deferred logging. It could be optional (on some targets, it may be
difficult to get some space for such buffer).


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