Zephyr 1.1 merge window closes today

Nashif, Anas

The last month has been very busy. Zephyr was launched, we had 2 releases and a lot of changes to address the launch of the project. Sorry about the late notice.
Up to the release of the project we have followed a monthly release cycle with a 2-3 development phase (merge window) and a stabilisation period of ~ 1 week with a release at the end of the month.

On the project level, we have started talking about the release cadence of the project and how we do releases and testing. While we wait for this to be finalised and until we reach an agreement on a new release cadence, we will continue with the existing release cadence of monthly releases.

Today we will go through all remaining gerrit submissions and merge any major changes and fixes and tag rc1 of the 1.1 release. After the tagging of rc1 we will only accept and merge bug fixes. This stabilisation phase will be shorter than usual. Out goal is to get stable release by end of this week to get back on our monthly schedule.

Comments, concerns or questions?


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