Re: RFC[1/2] Common logging infrastructure and API

Benjamin Walsh <benjamin.walsh@...>

FYI, in thunderdome we have also created a log system solving some of
the problems you mention in your RFC. Here are my 2 cents following
our experience:

- In our implementation we now support only a global log level (INFO,
WARNING, ERROR) + a special DEBUG level which is activated at compile
time for each module separately. Originally we also had a log level
per module but it quickly proved to be mostly unused by the users,
while adding some complexity (conflicts between global log levels and
per module log level), so we removed it, also to save space.
Maybe it did not come clear in my reply, but what I proposed did not
have a global logging level, or rather, the global level is always
"OFF". Each subsystem that you want to log has to enable it, with their
own level. I think that would give a good control on the verbosity.


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