Re: STM32F103x port

Tomasz Bursztyka

Hi Maciek,

Thanks for the patches, they are very nicely sliced down. It's quite
easy to follow.

Just be aware of the code style we apply. Basically the 2 main errors
are the missing {}
(even for one liners if, yes, and the while loop as well) and the
variable being declared
in the middle of the statement block: it's always at the beginning. It's
minor changes.
scripts/ is nice so check before hand.


I'm sure all of you already got their emails with incoming review
request. For others who might be interested as well, I've posted a
series of patches to gerrit: st_stm32/stm32f1: introduce
STM32F1x SoC family clock_control/Kconfig: Quark
should depend on CLOCK_CONTROL clock_control/stm32f10x:
introduce new driver for STM32F10x RCC soc/stm32f1: add GPIO registers mapping pinmux/stm32f10x: add driver
for STM32F1 pinmux serial/stm32f10x: add new
driver for STM32F10x UART gpio/stm32f10x: add new driver
for STM32F10x GPIO boards/stm32_mini_a15: add new board samples/disco: add 'disco' sample program

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