Re: STM32F103x port

Maciek Borzecki <maciek.borzecki@...>

On Thu, Mar 3, 2016 at 5:00 PM, Tomasz Bursztyka
<tomasz.bursztyka(a)> wrote:
Hi Maciek,

Thanks for the patches, they are very nicely sliced down. It's quite easy to

Just be aware of the code style we apply. Basically the 2 main errors are
the missing {}
(even for one liners if, yes, and the while loop as well) and the variable
being declared
in the middle of the statement block: it's always at the beginning. It's
minor changes.
scripts/ is nice so check before hand.
Thanks for the comments. I'll wait for everyone to post theirs and try to
resolve the issues over the weekend.

Maciek Borzecki

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