Re: STM32F103x port

Maciek Borzecki <maciek.borzecki@...>

On Fri, Mar 4, 2016 at 7:44 AM, Pawel Wodnicki <root(a)> wrote:
Hej Maciek,

I added stm32f4 support to your stm32 patch:
Code is tested to run on Nucleo board included it the patch.
That's great. I'll definitely take a look at it.

Can you check if drivers in the patchset that I posted are useful for
you? Specifically,
the UART driver might be reusable across a larger number of MCUs.
Browsing the Reference
Manuals I noticed some bit differences in UART registers, but nothing
that cannot be handled by
per MCU-family ifdefs.

Maciek Borzecki

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