Re: [RFC] GPIO API changes

Tomasz Bursztyka

Hi Iván,

Another issue of the current API is the confusion caused by
'gpio_port_enable_callback()' and 'gpio_pin_enable_callback()'.

With the changes proposed later in this thread, you could have a
unified call:
'gpio_enable_callback(struct device *port, uint32_t pinmask)' (or something like it)
Consider there's a set/unset function in those changes, do we need to
enable? Can't we infer from the callbacks the user sets?
It's 2 different features:
- one (un)install a callback function (and the pins it's interested in)
- one enable or disable the interrupt trigger (and keeps track of it) of
one pin.

You might want to inhibate a pin to raise a cb, without removing the
callback that would be used for other pins.

For instance

gpio_set_callback(my_cb) /* interested by pin x and y*/

my_cb(pins) {
if (pins & pin_y) {
} else {

Something like that could be needed.


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