Re: [RFC] GPIO API changes

Johan Hedberg

Hi Tomasz,

On Mon, Mar 07, 2016, Tomasz Bursztyka wrote:
-typedef void (*gpio_callback_t)(struct device *port, uint32_t pin);
+struct gpio_callback
+ void (*handler)(struct device *port,
+ gpio_callback_t *cb,
+ uint32_t pins);
+ uint32_t pin_mask;
+ struct gpio_callback *_next;
+typedef struct gpio_callback gpio_callback_t;
I realize this typedef is inherited from the original code, but do we
really need/want to enforce an opaque type here? The general preference
with the coding style (inherited from Linux and checkpatch even
complains about it) is to avoid typedefs whenever possible. I could e.g.
imagine a handler function wanting set/unset some pins in the pin_mask
when it gets called, in which case the struct couldn't be considered
completely opaque.


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