Re: STM32F103x port

Tomasz Bursztyka

Hi Daniel,
Updated Changes: st_stm32/stm32f1: introduce
STM32F1x SoC family
Depending upon others input, I think this is ready to go. clock_control/stm32f10x:
introduce new driver for STM32F10x RCC
I'm still toying with the idea that this could be made more generic to work for all STM32 boards. Looking for general mailing list input on this.

Would it be better to accept what Maciek has right now that works on STM32F1 and then submit a follow up patch to make it generic for all STM32 MCUs? Or should we focus on getting a generic interface for all STM32 on the first pass?
Maybe we can move on with current patches yes.


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