Change in coding style.

Benjamin Walsh <benjamin.walsh@...>


Not that big of a change for a lot of people, but I pushed a revision to
documentation yesterday that enforces a 8-char tabs/80 column coding
style. Basically, this makes our coding style the same as for Linux with
the _only_ exception being that we require braces around single-line
code blocks:


if (blah) {

and not:

if (blah)

Same for for, while, do..while, etc.

The rationale behind that change is that the coding style we had was
kinda impossible to police w.r.t. tabs and columns, since it was
allowing tabs of 4 and 8, and columns of 80 and 100.

And the rationale for the choice of 8 vs 4 tabs is that we think
contributors will be used to that since we expect a non-negligible
amount of them to come from a Linux kernel background.


Benjamin Walsh, SMTS
Wind River Rocket
Zephyr kernel maintainer

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