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Summing up, what you're basically suggesting is having a structure
like this (assumig that we keep vendor prefix for the time being):


If we're on the same page then i"ll post some patches tomorrow. Seems
like an easy fix.
Yes, the only different from what you have right now is having 1 level less. I
think everything else should stay the same.
I not convinced that is any good. You're essentially going to create a larger mess of MCUs in the arch/arm/soc directory.

The goal of keeping everything in a common directory (st_stm32) is to enforce maximum sharing between MCUs where possible. For example, the stm32f1_init is really the same for the STM32F{1 | 2 | 3 | 4 }x MCUs. Moving this into an upper level "common" area, not only makes it difficult to find, it just creates confusion as we add in future platforms.

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