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Boie, Andrew P

On Fri, 2016-03-11 at 22:41 +0000, Maureen Helm wrote:

I think we will need this additional level to support more Kinetis family devices from Freescale/NXP. Many of these devices share common peripherals, differing by number of instances and base addresses for a given instance. Related to that, I also think SOC peripheral drivers should be located under arch/arm/soc. If you moved them here, I could see a structure like this:

drivers/ (peripheral drivers shared across multiple Kinetis SOCs)
mk64f12/ (frdm-k64f12 is the name of the board, not the SOC. This will need to be fixed at some point.)
and many more...

Where each of the mk* folders represents an SOC in the Kinetis family, and instantiates a subset of peripheral drivers that apply to that SOC.
Something that also occurred to me: we have the same issue with our
boards/ directory. As Zephyr gets put on more and more boards we're
going to find ourselves with different variants of each board. I imagine
new board revs, or that week they used a different peripheral part
because of BOM cost, etc. So eventually I think we'll also have board
configurations in-tree that are *almost* the same except for a few
parameters...could share the same board.c, etc

Andrew Boie
Staff Engineer - EOS Zephyr
Intel Open Source Technology Center

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