Re: Zephyr SDK v0.7.2 - "rm -rf /"

Nashif, Anas


Were you trying to install the SDK on Mac OS?
If yes, this issue will be addressed in the latest SDK drop which will be released today.


On 14 Mar 2016, at 22:15, Mads Kristiansen <mkristian(a)> wrote:

I downloaded the Zephyr SDK v0.7.2 last night and tried to install it this morning on my MacBook.

During the installation, I cancelled with ctrl-C and somehow it seems to have executed a "rm -rf /" (as root).

Obviously my system wont boot now, so I cannot examine this further until I have it up and running again. Just a heads up and maybe someone should have a glance at the SDK to make sure noone else gets into the same situation.

/ Mads

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