Re: RFC: extend sanitycheck testcase filtering expressiveness

Boie, Andrew P

On Mon, 2016-03-28 at 16:23 -0400, Dmitriy Korovkin wrote:
I would refrain from copying PLY into the source tree for the
- Support. Updating the library, which is not the part of the
   project may be a headache.
- Licensing. There may be issues with distributing with Zephyr the
   that we have not developed.
- Importing. In case of side projects that, for instance, run all
   sanity_chk projects on real hardware, using sanity_chk combined
   additional library may create problems.
- Distributions. Ubuntu has PLY 3.4 as a part of the distribution. As
   have mentioned, Fedora has it as well.
Yeah I'll take it out of the patch series.
I've asked Juro to look into including it into the Zephyr SDK, which is
where we typically put our dependent packages. If that doesn't work out
we would just have to add 'sudo dnf install python3-ply' (or
equivalent) to the workstation setup.


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