Sanity check and test cases

Yannis Damigos

Hi all,

a quick question regarding sanity check and test cases.
I modified the test-fifo test case reducing the amount of memory statically allocated for fibers' stack.
This permits the test_nano to compile on boards like nucleo-f103rb and arduino 101 sss.

I run the sanitycheck script:

./scripts/sanitycheck --inline-logs --all -T ./tests/kernel/test_fifo/

and all the tests passes:

Cleaning output directory /home/xekarfwtos/projects/zephyr/sanity-out
Selecting all possible platforms per test case
Building testcase defconfigs...
25 tests selected, 3 tests discarded due to filters
total complete: 25/ 25 failed: 0
25 of 25 tests passed with 0 warnings in 95 seconds

Is it safe to submit the patch to gerrit or should I first test it on real hardware (I do not own any of the platforms)?

best regards,

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