nRF52 port for Zephyr

Xue Liu


Now I am working on the port of nRF52 DK board for Zephyr project. I have
several questions about the procedures of port.

1. I use nRF5x SDK v11.0 as a start point. This SDK dependence on CMSIS.
Since currently there is no CMSIS in the Zephyr, should I rewrite the
register and bitfields definitions or just copy these files from nRF52 SDK
to the Zephyr ?
2. From the technical review
The Zephyr project will support CMSIS. But until now there is no source
code or support of CMSIS. Is it right ?
3. Could someone gives me some suggestions or guide to port a new SOC to
the Zephyr.

Thank you for your help.


Xue Liu


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