Re: nRF52 port for Zephyr

Xue Liu

Hello Johan Hedberg,

Thank you for your info.

2016-04-07 12:47 GMT+02:00 Johan Hedberg <johan.hedberg(a)>:

Hi Xue Liu,

On Wed, Apr 06, 2016, Xue Liu wrote:
Now I am working on the port of nRF52 DK board for Zephyr project. I have
several questions about the procedures of port.

1. I use nRF5x SDK v11.0 as a start point. This SDK dependence on CMSIS.
Since currently there is no CMSIS in the Zephyr, should I rewrite the
register and bitfields definitions or just copy these files from nRF52
to the Zephyr ?
2. From the technical review
The Zephyr project will support CMSIS. But until now there is no source
code or support of CMSIS. Is it right ?
3. Could someone gives me some suggestions or guide to port a new SOC to
the Zephyr.
Have you taken a look at how MyNewt has implemented support for the
nRF52? It's one of their supported platforms. IIRC they have copies of
the nRF5x SDK header files in their source tree.
Yes. I have seen the soc source code of nr52. But nRF5x SDK depends on
header files from CMSIS.
Maybe I should go on porting with CMSIS in the "lib" like MyNewt done, and
wait for the official CMSIS support in Zephyr.


Xue Liu


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